Not All Bioenergy is Carbon Neutral

The Nature Conservancy is helping to protect and restore old growth forest in Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. © Chris Crisman

Biomass for Energy

Aggressive Conversion Strategies Pose Risk

At Ellsworth Creek Preserve in Washington state, TNC is working with Willapa National Wildlife Refuge to preserve old-growth forests, including thinning young trees to create space for the remaining trees to grow into temperate rainforest giants. © Chris Crisman

Biomass Is a Goldilocks Fuel

Through the Grasslands for BioEnergy Initiative, prairie-based biomass (plant matter) is baled and can be turned into electricity, or made into pellets to heat homes and businesses. The project aims to demonstrate how prairies can be a source of renewable and sustainable energy while conserving habitat, improving water quality, and mitigating climate change. © The Nature Conservancy (Michelle Kalantari)



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