ESG (Even In a Time of War)

  • Are there really industries that are intrinsically contrary to ESG? Take defense and fossil fuel energy companies. Don’t today’s circumstances show that we need them? Should we put less emphasis on what companies do and more on how they do it?
  • Similarly, should we evaluate companies based less on their past performance and more on future commitments? Can’t a company with an unattractive past record more than redeem itself with a very positive going forward plan?
  • Under what conditions should ESG dollars be pulled out of a specific region? Does a company that has been doing business in Russia, for example, have any obligations to employees, suppliers, and customers in Russia? Or, if pulling out of Russia is appropriate, what about other regions where lots of bad stuff happens? Is it the responsibility of business or the government to resolve such matters?
  • And so on…
  1. It takes a long time for new frameworks like ESG to be adopted as universal standards.



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Mark Tercek

Mark Tercek

Former CEO of The Nature Conservancy CEO. “Nature’s Fortune” author. Family man, yogi, ice climber, vegan.