Ten Predictions for the New Year

Call me optimistic but — fingers crossed — when it comes to private sector environmental initiatives, I think 2022 will be a year of 1) less talk, more action; and 2) less emphasis on reducing harm, more on preservation and restoration.

So to start…

Saul Griffith’s new book provides a clear climate crisis game plan

“What’s the game plan?” is a question I get a lot. “How exactly should we address climate change in the United States?”

It sounds like a challenge. Those posing the questions imply that climate-concerned leaders have dithered and failed to put forth a credible path forward. They suggest that’s why…

Climate Influence Starts at Home

Over the summer break, some friends who subscribe to The Instigator challenged me with the following question:

“What about China? Even if business leaders in the US follow your advice and pursue the ambitious corporate strategies to address climate change that you recommend, will it even matter? China keeps building…

Mark Tercek

Former CEO of The Nature Conservancy CEO. “Nature’s Fortune” author. Family man, yogi, ice climber, vegan.

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